"What Water Softener Is The Best?"

The most looked up term on the internet................

What is The Best Water Softener?

The most looked up term on the internet 'what is the best water softener' yet the one that there is no straight answer for. We always laugh when we see online ‘reviews’ from people who we know have never tested a softener or probably seen one . The modern name for them is influencers or affiliate sellers and actually they are receiving money for ‘liking’ a product. All done from the comfort of their bedroom.

When our members ‘like’ a product it is based on years of knowledge, hard work and good old fashioned time on the job. In our tight knit association our experts will soon let each other know of great products or problem products and our network allows us to share that knowledge with you. Find your local members.

OK, So What Do You Need To Know about Water Softeners?

The first stage in determining what product or products are right for your home and business is a good survey. Your expert will want to visit and test the water chemistry, water pressure and see what your requirements are. You could read this article to know more about what is in your water. They cannot do that on the internet, if they can let us know because that would be magic.

Next where will the softener go? Many people think they live under the sink but in fact the position is actually related to the incoming water supply. More importantly where as a family works best for you. Maybe outside or in the garage? Remember that someone needs to top it up with salt so we want to make that easy. Sounds like an expert could help you with this bit too?

So How Does It Fit- Could Bob Down The Pub Do It?

The connections and installation of your water softener need to comply to BS EN 14743:2005+A1:2007 and should be done by a competent person. Our members see many units when servicing that do not comply, often have never worked or are just dangerous. Getting the unit fitted correctly also means that it can work to its stated performance. It would be a bit like owning a sports car and then putting old tyres on you found down the scrap yard. One of our members wrote a great article on 3-ways-not-to-waste-money-on-water-softeners

As part of the AIWSE’s role we have started testing water softeners to confirm their performances. It is important that we understand how much soft water a minute it can deliver, what effect on pressure it has and how much it costs to run. This is even more important on modern plumbing systems and it is no longer acceptable to pick a water softener because the sticker says suitable for 4 people etc or our personal favourite Suitable for Executive Homes!

We Want To Look After You.

When you consider that a family of 4 will use 18,2500 litres of water per year on average or nearly 200 tonnes you can see that a water softener works hard, really hard. It looks simple on the outside and because most people including plumbers do not know how they work people assume that they will ’sort themselves out’ if left alone.

Our experts would disagree and again that is why they sell professional well researched, reliable products that  will give you long service and they have the tools and parts to maintain them saving you time and money. This equipment is designed to last over 10 years not to be thrown away every 18 months. That is bad for your pocket and it is bad for the environment.

Come on What Softener is the Best?

The best softener is the unit that will give you and your family years of trouble free service, will not effect the water pressure noticeably, be cost effective to run and is looked after by a local water softener expert and more importantly, give you a constant supply of beautifully softened water. So please call an expert.


I wrote this article while we were locked in our homes with the Covid epidemic. I hope that people will understand the importance of shopping locally, not from the internet of national sells teams but from real people. Our members went out every day trying to help their customers with problems and salt deliveries. Please remember that when you are choosing where to buy a water softener. Shopping locally helps local families and companies.

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Paul Webb

Has worked in water treatment, plumbing and construction throughout his career.
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