What Water Softener Is The Best?

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What is The Best Water Softener?

We are often asked the question 'what is the best water softener?’. Whilst this sounds like a simple enough query, the answer is certainly not a straightforward one. You may think that the best way to find out would be to trawl through the many reviews online. Beware! Many of these are written by affiliate sellers and influencers who have probably not even seen a water softener before, let alone tested one. That ‘great’ review most likely comes as a direct result of being paid to say nice things so doesn’t give you the full picture by any means. 

So who can you trust to give a genuine recommendation?

Now that’s a question that’s definitely much easier to answer. Ask any AIWSE member and you can be confident that their reviews are based on many years of experience, knowledge and hard work. As a tight knit community, we will always share our findings with other members and, in turn, pass that knowledge on to our customers. With members all around the UK, your first point of call should always be to get in touch with your local expert. Find your local members.

Ok, so I’ve contacted my local AIWSE member. What happens next?

All of our members agree that to find the best solution for you and your home, we need to undertake a decent survey. Not just about finding out what softener will fit where, as experts we know that it is important to test the water chemistry and water pressure as well as finding out exactly what your requirements are. You may see some of the bigger companies advertising that you can get a quick quote online. Whilst this may get you a ‘one size fits all’ price, this certainly won’t determine what the best water softener for your needs would be. That would take some impressive magical powers (and call us sceptical, but we’re not sure the human race has evolved that far just yet…)

As mentioned earlier, of course finding out about where the softener will need to go is an important part of the survey. The best position for a softener is determined by your incoming water supply. Not necessarily under your kitchen sink as many would believe! There are also other factors to consider, all of which are individual to your household. Is there a lack of space inside the property? An installation outside or in the garage could be the solution. Is there enough access to be able to top up the salt levels? These are all questions that our experts will ask and find the best solution for.

How about installation? 

As a piece of equipment that will be in constant use in your home you should always ensure that your water softener is installed by a competent person. As the installation needs to comply with BS EN 14743:2005+A1:2007, it’s really not just a case of getting any old Tom, Dick or Harry to fit it for you. We’ve heard many stories where. AIWSE members have been called out to service calls for softeners that not only do not comply, but they also do not work properly or are actually unsafe! There is no point investing in a water softener to then not get the best out of it which is why you should always call the experts. It is important that we understand the effects that your water softener has on your household water pressure, how much it will cost to run and how much soft water can be delivered per minute. This is why we have started testing water softener performance as part of our role as the AIWSE. Don’t forget, as plumbing systems evolve and become more modernised, it is no longer the case of picking a water softener based on a sticker which says it is suitable for 4 people or just because it is touted as ‘the one everyone should have’.

Why should I always choose an AIWSE member?

A family of four will use on average a whopping 204400 litres of water a year so you can appreciate that a water softener will work really hard in order to service your home. You may be fooled by their simple, sleek looking appearance but the internal mechanisms are far more complex and are often not understood by those who are not water softener specialists. Unfortunately, many people (including those in the plumbing industry) simply do not know how they work and can often assume that they will just ‘sort themselves out’ if left to their own devices. This is something that our experienced AIWSE members know not to be the case. If maintained properly, a good quality water softener can last over 10 years. Great news for both your pocket and the environment. By starting off with a well researched and reliable product, installed and serviced by a professional with the correct knowledge and tools, you will certainly get the very best from your machine for many years.

So…what really is the best water softener?

Quite simply, the best water softener is the one that will best serve the individual needs of your family and home. 

Remember - to get  a constant supply of beautifully softened water, years of trouble free service, good water pressure throughout your home all whilst being cost effective to run you really do need to call in the experts. 

Get in touch with your local AIWSE member and be confident that we really will find what is the best water softener for you.

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