Commercial Water Softeners

Making sure that your business gets the correct water softener for you needs

What is the difference between domestic and commercial water softeners?

The primary distinction between domestic and commercial water softeners lies in their capacity. AIWSE members determine the required litres of water per minute for your facility, considering both the daily usage hours and the demand for soft water. This calculation establishes the total daily capacity and dictates the frequency of regeneration for the water softener.


Regeneration is the self-cleaning process where the water softener expels accumulated hard minerals, flushing them away to initiate the softening cycle anew. Each regeneration cycle involves the use of salt.

Soft water is temporarily unavailable during the regeneration process. Typically, regeneration occurs at night when there is no immediate need for soft water. However, in commercial settings requiring 24/7 access to soft water, multiple water softener units may be installed. This ensures that while one unit regenerates, another can continue delivering soft water.

AIWSE members offer diverse options for configuring these units in multiples to ensure continuous operation for your facilities.

Other considerations

Our members cover all types of commercial properties:

- Food production facilities

- Farms

- Cooling plants

- Hotels

- Bed and breakfast establishments

- Schools

- Rental properties

- Factories

- Office blocks

- Restaurants

- Cafes

AIWSE members work with top-notch suppliers and designers to provide optimal solutions, delivering either off-the-shelf or fully customised water softeners. Your AIWSE expert will take care of installation and, more importantly, will ensure ongoing servicing and maintenance.

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