Does My Water Have Fluoride In?

AIWSE members can help you filter fluoride out of your water.

This is a question that many of our experts get asked. Also what filter will stop fluoride?

The most important question if you have a concern is to find out if fluoride is actually present in your drinking water either naturally or artificially. We have included a link to a document that has more information and maps.

Fluoride has been added in some areas to promote oral health and there are studies that show the benefits to communities. Not everybody is happy with this addition and our members will be happy to talk to you about your concerns and solutions that they offer.

On a basic level there are fluoride filters that can deal with the problem at each tap. Most customers upgrade to a full filtration system not only tackling the fluoride but also other impurities and chemicals that can be present in household supplies.

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Paul Webb

Has worked in water treatment, plumbing and construction throughout his career.
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