Can You have a Water Softener With A Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Worcester Bosch Boilers and Water Softeners- the truth

Can You Have a Water Softener with a Central Heating Boiler?

Yes is the full and only answer that plumbers, water softener experts and architects need to know. On the latest update to Worcester Bosch's Boiler Website they have laid out what people need to know - here is the link. We have been working with the boiler manufactures for many years to educate them that Soft water is not corrosive.

Combi Boilers with Soft Water.

With Combi boilers they heat your domestic hot water (tap water) directly via a plate heat exchange inside the boiler. If your water is not soft it will scale up. This causes the boiler to be inefficient and restricts the flow to your taps. It can take an age to fill the bath with a scaled up Boiler.

As part of the building regulations it has for many years been necessary to provide a means to protect the boiler. Unfortunately to save money or because they do not know most gas engineers fit a basic magnet or a wire wrapped pipe that reports to stop scale forming. They never work and in practice customers find themselves with expensive repair bills that are not covered under warranty for their boilers. Plus bills for repairing toilet flushers, shower heads and appliance that are all damaged by hard water.

Water Softener Solutions For Boilers.

The simple solution to hard water is to fit a proper water softener that fully removes the minerals so that scale cannot form. It has the added advantage of protecting the whole home, your skin and your bank account.

The proviso in all this is that the water softener must be installed to a professional standard with a correct bypass fitted so that the gas engineer can feel the heating circuit with untreated water before he adds inhibitor.

The regulations are BS EN 14743:2007 which fully cover the installation of a ion based water softener

Find Out How To Protect Your Worcester Bosch Boiler.

Our experts at the AIWSE will be able to advice you on the correct installation and equipment you will need to protect your Combi Central Heating Boiler for years to come.

If you do find your heating engineer confused please use the download link for a helpful technical bulliten from Worcester Bosch.

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