Can You have a Water Softener With A Worcester Bosch Boiler?

The truth about Worcester Bosch boilers and water softeners

Is it possible to install a water softener with a central heating boiler?

The unequivocal response to this question is a resounding "Yes," and it is vital information for plumbers, water softener experts, and architects. Worcester Bosch's Boiler website has updated its guidelines, providing essential insights. Over the years, collaborative efforts with boiler manufacturers have aimed to convey the message that softened water does not pose a corrosive threat.

Softened water and combi boilers

Combi boilers directly heat domestic tap water through a plate heat exchanger within the boiler. Failure to have soft water can lead to scaling issues, resulting in decreased boiler efficiency and restricted water flow from taps. Scale buildup can significantly prolong the time it takes to fill a bath with a scaled-up boiler.

Building regulations

Building regulations have long mandated the need for a protective measure for boilers. Unfortunately, to cut costs or due to lack of awareness, many gas engineers often install basic magnets or wire-wrapped pipes claiming to prevent scale formation. These makeshift solutions prove ineffective, leaving customers with hefty repair bills that aren't covered under boiler warranties. Damages to toilet flushers, shower heads, and appliances due to hard water are additional expenses faced by consumers.

Water softener solutions

The straightforward remedy for hard water is the installation of a proper water softener, capable of completely removing minerals to prevent scale formation. Beyond safeguarding the boiler, this solution benefits the entire home, your skin, as well as saving you money.

Professional installation

A crucial aspect is ensuring that the water softener is professionally installed, using a proper bypass. This allows the gas engineer to assess the heating circuit with untreated water before introducing an inhibitor. Adhering to BS EN 14743:2007 regulations, which comprehensively cover the installation of ion-based water softeners, is essential.

Protecting your Worcester Bosch boiler

For guidance on the correct installation and equipment necessary to safeguard your combi central heating boiler for the long term, consult our experts at the AIWSE. In case of confusion with your heating engineer, a helpful technical bulletin from Worcester Bosch can be downloaded using this link.

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