If you are concerned about the quality of your home or businesses water and you want advice on the correct equipment to deal with the problem, you should use your local registered AIWSE member.

Understanding and listening to a customers problems and concerns about their water and then being able to undertake a professional survey is paramount in getting correct solutions. With little understanding within the plumbing industry of water treatment, water softeners and water filtration, the AIWSE exists to promote knowledge both to customers and its' members.
Every member when asked can visit your property and take measurements such as total water hardness, static and dynamic pressure to name a few. They will discuss your needs and concerns taking in to account the water consumption, hot water production systems and peak demand.
Our members are always happy to answer questions and concerns and discuss the merits of soft waters, drinking water systems and the equipment that they are recommending. This will include talking about equipment locations and the work involved. We understand it is nice to see dramatic bubbles in bowls to demonstrate how wonderful soft water is but we insist it is backed up with good technical and installation knowledge.
Finally our members will leave you with a clear and well laid out, no obligation quotation of the equipment they feel best for your requirements and your property.
As we are professional experts, you will find our members believe in clear pricing with no 'buy now at a super discount'. We leave that to others.

Softener Installation

When you want the very best advice, best selection of products and quality installation and aftercare service you need a AIWSE member.
Our membership prides itself on the quality of the materials they use and the professionalism of the installations. Having a water softener fitted should cause you no concern or any great upheaval. When the site survey was done you would already have discussed the location of the equipment. On the day of installation, most installs will take no more than a day. As part of our membership agreement, companies have agreed to the best of their abilities to keep appointment times and always keep customers informed. Treat others as you wish to be treated is a great motto. AIWSE members come with fully stocked vans and your equipment will be fully installed and commissioned using the best installation techniques and materials.
More importantly, before the installer leaves your home, he will have tidied up, explained and demonstrated your new equipment. Giving you all the information you need for many years of happy ownership..

Drinking Water

Our members understand the on going confusion surrounding drinking water and you can find some interesting articles on this website. With so many systems to choose where do you start?
Always use an AIWSE member they will know your local water plus they will have dealt with similar local problems and concerns. Drinking water is our most important utility in our homes and businesses and we need it for our very survival.
The first question an AIWSE member will want to know is 'What is your concern with your water, is it the taste of chlorine, worries about fluoride, pesticides, bacteria or pharmaceuticals?' We can offer testing of water and lots of different solutions.
With our AIWSE members continuous professional development training, drinking water is an area of great interest and members have access to a database of new information from around the world.
One area that is often forgotten with drinking water systems is the on-going need to service, change filters and membranes. Using your local AIWSE expert means that you will have access to them for years to come, meaning that your water stays safe, clean, hygienic and wholesome.

Service and Repair

This can often be your first encounter with an AIWSE member. Many people who buy from the internet, big box stores or local plumbers often find themselves with a piece of equipment that they know nothing about and when it goes wrong they have nobody to turn to or just a national number to call with a costly call out charge.
Our AIWSE members have undertaken training on the equipment they sell and install but most also service and repair softeners from outside of their ranges. Being local means they offer competitive rates and great local advice. AIWSE members pride themselves on helping out local families and businesses quickly and efficiently, so a problem does not turn into a drama.
The very best people to help you are your local AIWSE water treatment expert.